TODAY’S COMIC: “If Elected”

If elected, I promise a comic in every app – a cartoon in every browser.

The election in the bug world continues. Who do you support? Who would you vote for – Jack or Gypsy? WAIT! Don’t answer yet.  There are more election comics coming to help you decide!


If you have an iPhone, don’t forget to download the new Skitter app. It’s free! And its a great way to quickly browse the entire Skitter archive as well as get new comics a bit earlier than everyone else.  As a perk to app users, I’m uploading the comic ahead of the regular 6AM schedule.  This comic, for example, was uploaded at about 8:30PM last night, so current app users got a push notification >DING< that their Skitter was ready!

What are you waiting for? Download it now! It’s free!


I’ll be kinda busy this weekend with taking Luna to the zoo and meeting with my visiting parents.  I’m hoping I can finish the new Patreon promo video.  I think I can.  There isn’t much left to do.  I think you’re gonna crack up when you see it, tho.



200 x 200 AVATARS of  this comic are now  available to Skitter Patreon Patrons…

SKITTER AVATARS_If Elected_Gypsy1_50 SKITTER AVATARS_If Elected_Jack1_50 SKITTER AVATARS_If Elected_Jack2_50






GYPSY: “…And if elected… I promise to fight for ladybug rights!”


JACK : “… And if elected… I promise all the ladybugs you can eat! ”