Five Nights At Jackie’s

A lot of you won’t understand this comic.  It’s a parody of a YouTube personality named Markiplier and a video game called “Five Nights At Freddy’s”.  Luna has been watching a lot of both lately.
Markiplier has made a career out of making videos of himself playing video games. His face is usually in the upper left of the screen.  I guess he plays a lot of “Five Nights At Freddy’s”.
“Five Nights At Freddy’s” is a horror video game that’s gained a huge following. It’s a spoof of Chuck E. Cheese’s where a bunch of animatronics come to life and try to kill the night security guard (the player).
Combining Markiplier, FNAF, and Skitter seemed like a fun challenge.

I hope I pulled it off!

John Vogel white



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