Today’s Comic: “List Song”

A list song is a song that… lists things.  Most of the time it’ll list cities; “California Love” by Tupac, for example (one of my all-time favorite’s).  It’s not that the entire song is a list of stuff, but that’s the main hook.

The song Chip wrote consists entirely of the titles of popular list songs… with the exception of the word “but”.


This weekend I did a lot of work on the Skitter Patreon page.  They added a tag feature and I’ve been going back and tagging everything so you guys can find stuff easier.  Also, I uploaded 2 new comics and a whole bunch of avatars that patrons have access to way before anyone.  Go there now and check ’em out!




SKITTER AVATARS_List Song_Chip1_50 SKITTER AVATARS_List Song_Chip2_50 SKITTER AVATARS_List Song_Chip3_50 SKITTER AVATARS_List Song_Gypsy1_50 SKITTER AVATARS_List Song_Gypsy2_50