Today’s Comic: “Mind Reading”

I’d have more to say about mind reading, but Luna wouldn’t go to sleep early enough… again… so I don’t have much time to set up this post.  I really should write these on the weekend instead of the night before.

Oh well.  At least we had fun at Chuck E Cheese tonight.  Luna loves that place.  Even gave Chuck a hug as he was returning backstage after his dance routine. Later she smacked her lip on a game and bled all over. An ice cream sandwich made things better.


I’ve decided to add a new reward to the $2 tier pledge on the Skitter Patreon page.  It’s Work-In-Progress (WIP) images of elements of the comic strips.  This takes the pencil art a bit further, showing the different stages of drawing the characters: pencils, inks, color, shading.  I’ve posted some of these already that you can see for free.  Just click the “Posts” tab and then select the “WIPs” tag.




SKITTER AVATARS_Mind Reading_Aura1_50 SKITTER AVATARS_Mind Reading_Gypsy1_50 SKITTER AVATARS_Mind Reading_Gypsy2_50 SKITTER AVATARS_Mind Reading_Gypsy3_50 SKITTER AVATARS_Mind Reading_Gypsy4_50 SKITTER AVATARS_Mind Reading_Jack1_50 SKITTER AVATARS_Mind Reading_Jack2_50 SKITTER AVATARS_Mind Reading_Jack3_50 SKITTER AVATARS_Mind Reading_JackGypsy1_50