TODAY’S COMIC: “$#!* List”

“$#!* List” is another comic that originally had profanity, which I removed later. I guess I just wasn’t comfortable with the curse words even if it was more funny to have them there (in my opinion).  It just seemed a bit mean-spirited.

An amazing thing happened Thursday…

I asked fans to help upvote the current Skitter comic on the “r/comics” subreddit…. and it got seriously upvoted. 63 upvotes or so. That’s a huge number for me. I think what happened is that those of you who upvoted it initially kept it from downvote hell.  And the momentum just kept going from there!  The web site got a ton of traffic as a result! I just want to say “Thank You” to those of you who upvoted.  PLEASE DO THAT AGAIN!…lol.   Again… Thank you very much!



This coming Thursday’s comic will be the introduction of a new character, so stay tuned.

– John


↓ Transcript

GYPSY: "JACK!.. You are SO on my $#!* list right now!"