TODAY’S COMIC: “Hexagons”


These bees were part of a larger story I used to have before the reboot. I’m using this one strip here simply because I liked the joke and the art… and it can stand on its own.  I don’t know if I’ll post more strips from that storyline, or if I’ll use these bee characters ever again.  For now, just enjoy this one strip!

On Reddit I tried posting a strip to the Spiders sub-reddit.  Later I’ll try posting to the Insects sub-reddit.  I just wanted to see if I could attract new Skitter fans in an area related to bugs.  I got a few views as a result, but nothing big.  If I get any real traction, it’s probably going to be from folks like you spreading the word… which I appreciate greatly.

Thanks for visiting!




↓ Transcript

DIZZ: "I'm just sayin'... There must be a good reason honeycombs are supposed to be hexagonal."
TRIXIE: "Whatever... My new butterfly design is cuter!"
DIZZ: "Hexagons"
TRIXIE: "Hexagons"