TODAY’S COMIC: “Marshmallows”

Marshmallows? Pffff! I used to roast plastic army guys.  I was kind of a firebug when I was a kid (HI, MOM!).

Me and my friends were always lighting things on fire… the coolest being model cars.  The plastic in them was highly flammable and they would melt into sad little Dali paintings.  To make things REALLY interesting, we’d put army guys INSIDE the model cars and set ’em ablaze.

But seriously the best fire was, and still is, a camp fire.  I love the smell of campfires.  I think someone should develop a perfume or cologne that smells like burning wood:  “L’aire Du Smoque”

Until that day, I’ll just have to hang around a real campfire for a while and let the smokey aroma permeate my clothes.


Just so you Skitter Patreon patrons know, I uploaded a couple new comics this weekend that you can see way before anyone else. Next weekend I’ll be posting a couple more PLUS some pencil art of the last few comics (that the world hasn’t seen yet either!)