Talk about a stranger thing…

With the Christmas holiday happening on a Wednesday, I forgot to set up today’s Thursday strip. So I’m getting it ready this morning.

Luna got a lot of toys, but has a hard time playing by herself.  She needs someone to play WITH her.  But Kate has the flu, and I have comic stuff to do… Plus… a lot of housework.

So, I plopped her on the Nintendo Switch.  Something she can do by herself for a while.  She started playing the “Stranger Things 3” game.  She almost never plays that one (she mostly just likes the show).

Then I sat down to set up today’s strip (which I’m doing right now).  To my surprise, today’s strip was about Stranger Things!  What are the odds?

I laughed and showed Luna the strip.  She thought it was hilarious and asked if we could really do it.

So… after almost dropping her on her head twice… I walked her around the house upside down – just like in this comic strip.

Life imitating art.

John Vogel