TODAY’S COMIC: “Measure Up”

I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen this “measure up” game play out a number of times in my workplace restroom. Always the same way. One guy makes fun of another guy having to use the kids urinal.  Then that guy defends his manhood. Does anything like this happen in the ladies room?



Holy crickets did Tuesday’s comic go crazy on Reddit’s “Funny” subreddit! It’s always been a goal of mine to have a Skitter comic get 4000 upvotes.  I don’t know why I picked that number, but it’s always been in my head. I didn’t think I’d get there so SOON! The strip “Ancient Aliens” got 4500 upvotes!  Thanks to any of you who made that happen.  I really appreciate it.




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↓ Transcript

GUY 1: "Kids' urinal? I guess you don't measure up!"
GUY 2: "Unlike you... I have to use this one cuz I hang so low!"
JACK: "Gentlemen! I'm sure you are both well endowed! And with this ruler we can... mmmhmmm... Now shut up and pee."