TODAY’S COMIC: “Ancient Aliens”

Ancient Aliens is an awesome show.  Not just because of what they propose about the history of mankind, but because of the drinking games you can play while watching it!  For example:

Each time the narrator says “…As ancient alien theorists believe…” or a guest expert says, “… You have to ask yourself…” take a swig!

If you black out and experience ‘missing time‘ after the show… fear not! You were not abducted.  Just wasted.

– John




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↓ Transcript

ALIEN 1: "When WE came to Earth, humans were NOTHNG! We transformed their DNA! Made them a respectable species! We made something out of those monkeys... and revealed to them the secrets of the cosmos!"

ALIEN 2: "AND gave them civilization!!... We taught them to build magnificent stone structures that stand to this day!! We were their mentors! We were their GODS!!"

ALIEN 1: "And what does this NEW generation do with humans?... Probe their butts..."

ALIEN 2: "... I fear for the future...'