Speaking of hydroxychloroquine, everyone was all about this stuff… Including doctors… until Trump started to praise it.  Then, all of a sudden, a drug that’s been used for decades with no negative side effects is “dangerous”.  It’s killing people. 
Even the W.H.O. Initially posted on their web site that it’s a good drug with minimal side effects… but now thry claim it’s bad. 
I call politics.
I’ve seen videos of doctors saying the stuff helps against Covid-19 (by their own experience) and they’re angry that the media is casting a negative light on it.
MY take: 
1) It’s something Trump approved of, so naturally we have to take the opposite stance.  Like closing travel from China, which he was attacked for.  And was also a good move.
2) It’s a cheap drug that is readily available.  No one is going to make a fortune selling it.
John Vogel