Believe it or not, “Smells” is based on Luna’s sister Nova.
Kate asked Nova to describe how each of her family members smelled.  The descriptions were really… specific. Everyone thought it was funny, so I made a comic strip out of it.

There were a lot of family members to describe, and therefore a lot of different scents to choose from. Unfortunately I only had room for a few in this cartoon. I tried to use the ones that stood out.

Most noteworthy to me was “Purple acrylic”.  I didn’t use that one, but I figured I’d mention it here.

John Vogel white

↓ Transcript
You smell so good after a bath. Like if snuggles had a smell.
You smell good too. Like soft skin, lilacs, a clean bathroom...
Hats and pants, dry lipstick, paper, monkey, and rocks... Especially quartz and concrete.
I'm gonna go see what daddy smells like!
You do that.