All it takes is one misstep.  
I love the Terminator movies, but they confuse me. 
First… the machines send a terminator back in time to kill Sarah Connor.  In response, the humans send Kyle Reese to defend her.  So… then right after that, the machines send a BETTER terminator (T-1000) to kill John Connor. And to defend HIM, the humans reprogrammed a terminator just like the FIRST one, and send it back in time.  Then somehow a NEW terminator shaped like a woman gets sent by the machines… and…
You get my point.  
What the heck is going on in the future?  How can all these terminators be sent back in time from the same moment and from the same time machine? 
It’s like the humans and machines are playing Magic The Gathering and tossing cards at each other one after the other. “I’ll see your T-100 and block with a Kyle Reese!”
It don’t make sense. 
John Vogel