What better way to do a little plot summary than a Timeflix alert! 
I think this is the first time you actually see the Timeflix machine itself.  I kinda like the shape.  I wish my PC were shaped like this.  Previously it had been just a screen shot.  
On a different note, sometimes I want to put Skitter strips on Reddit.  But the audience there is very particular to what kind of strips they want.  Mostly they want a one-shot; a joke that stands alone. If a strip is part of a longer story, they crap on it.  So I probably won’t be posting any of the recent ones there.
John Vogel

↓ Transcript
Chronological Summary Of Events
- Timeflix detects time anomaly
- Aliens determine anomaly conected to super hero known as "Luna"
- Aliens plan thorough investigation
- Super hero "Luna" travels back in time
- Luna causes time anomaly
- Luna creates time anomaly / new tomeline
- Luna becomes super villain "Lunatic"
- Current timeline: "Villain"
- PROPOSAL: restore timeline to "Hero"
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You call this a plot?