I don’t know if “Pay Youse Back” was the correct end to the dead-beat bird storyline. To be honest, I think Mikey’s a jerk.  I side with his parents.  They SHOULD have kicked him out of the nest.
But for some reason I couldn’t resist a payback strip to bookend the story.  In “Fledgling”, Mikey got kicked out.  His parents got kicked out in this one.  It had a nice symmetry.
Anyway, this ends this Michael Rotondo parody. I wonder if we’ll ever hear from that guy again.  I hope not.
As an aside, I never needed any money from my parents.  I moved out at 20 and never looked back.  Never needed financial assistance from them.
John Vogel white

↓ Transcript
Ma... Pop... 'member how you kicked me out of your nest?
Yeah! After eight years of moochin'!
Well I'd like to pay youse back. Please step inside.
Whose nest is this, Mikey?
I'm independent now, ma! I catch my own worms. I got this great place.
There's a home theater? And a jacuzzi?
LIke it?
I love it!
Youse both comfy?
Well don't get used to it!
Why not?