The punch line to “Independent Bird” comes from when I first bought my house way back in the mid 90’s. I threw a house-warming party and filled the fridge with beer for my guests. Athough I didn’t drink at the time – and I HATED beer.

Not all the beer was consumed.  There were still a few cans left.

About a year or more later, a friend of mine came over, grabbed one of the beers… And became really sick.

“How old is this beer?”

When I told him it was about a year old, he freaked.  I guess beer doesn’t last very long.


John Vogel white

↓ Transcript
Thanks for teachin' me how to be an independent bird!
Without you guys I never would have learned how to catch a worm on my own!
Time to show the world what I can do!
Nobody loves me! Everybody hates me! I eat worms all day!
Kate! How old is this beer?!