This is an autobiographical comic. Every weekend I try to get some work done on the comic strip (like this very moment). Having a toddler makes that very difficult.
“Come on, daddy! Let’s ha’ som’ fun!” Luna says as she sits on the floor with her Play Doh and shape cutters.

I really don’t have much free time to work on Skitter. Weekends are important. But when that cute little voice asks me to play with her, I realize that these moments are few and that I should enjoy them while they last. I always drop Skitter and play with Luna until Kate takes toddler duty.

One thing that influences meĀ is the song “Cat’s In The Cradle ” by Harry Chapin . I just started playing it now on my iPhone. That tune came out when I was a kid. Back then I understood then what it meant, but it really hits home now that I’m a dad. I don’t want to be that father in the song.

So every time Luna wants to play, it’s like the chorus to “Cat’s In The Cradle” pops in my head. In the comic I guess it’s Chip singing it to me, reminding me to pay attention to what’s important.

Right now Luna is all about me. She likes me and wants to interact with me a lot. That will change as she gets older, I know, but I don’t want to miss out on this period when we were best buds.

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