This comic was created for Skitter Patron  Jasper P.  He pledged at the $10 level, which entitles him to being featured in a Skitter comic strip.  Other Patrons taking advantage of this offer are Matt K and Rodney X.

Jasper lives in the Netherlands.  He suggested his comic strip feature his two kids, Dewi and Yaiden, set at a theme park in his area called “Madurodam” .  It’s like tiny cities and vehicles. Maybe like a Lego exhibit, but built to look realistic. Jasper thought it would be fun to have the bugs from Skitter visit there.

This is what I came up with.  lol!

I actually drew everything in color first but didn’t think it gave that “Twilight Zone” vibe or express that Jack was experiencing something unusual. So I switched to black and white, then popped into color once the truth is revealed.  I think that works better.

Thanks again for your patronage, Jasper!  Hope you and your kids like the strip!


( This comic’s Patreon “Thank You” goes to… of course… Jasper P! )

(UPDATE!  Jasper visited Madurodam on 2017-03-03 and sent me videos and pics.  CLICK HERE  to see them!)