Who among us truly achieves positivity?

I love the symbols floating around in this strip.  I’ve used them before in the comic entitled “Girl Legos” .

Clockwise from the top is Yin Yang, North Node, Jupiter, A Led Zeppelin thingy, and Anhk.

In the last panel it’s Skull and Crossbones, Star Wars Empire, Facebook Thumbs Down, Nuclear, and Biohazard.

The nebula in the background I painted based on the “Eye Nebula”.


I uploaded a new comic strip to Patreon this weekend called “Nightmare”. Anyone pledging a dollar or more can see it.

I also uploaded some new pencils, some WIPs, and my own movie review of the original “Westworld” from 1973. Yeah I’m about 43 years late on that one.

John Vogel white

( This comic’s Patreon “Thank You” goes to Nigel C! )