TODAY’S COMIC: “Simplify”

Sometimes I envy other webcomics and wish that I could just simplify my art. It takes a lot of knuckle grease to draw Skitter. Depending on the strip, It can take anywhere from 6 to 8 hours.  Sometimes longer if I change direction. If I think of a simple enough idea, I can whip one out in maybe 3 or 4.

Another issue is finding time between all the other ‘life things’ that swallow up my daily schedule. Life pretty much dictates that I can really only draw 2 strips a week.

But what if I could cut back on the art?!  I could spit out so many comic strips! No. I’ll never do that.  Stick figures are not satisfying.  I thought the idea of taking the art to the extreme would make for a funny comic strip, though.

I think my favorite part of this comic is the Charlie Brown reference.






JOHN VOGEL: “Hey, Jack. You got a moment?”

JACK: ” Sure, John. What’s up?”

JOHN VOGEL: “I have a problem. The art in “Skitter” is a bit… involved…”

JACK: “What the?!”

JOHN VOGEL:”Currently I can only draw 2 strips a week. But if I simplify I can do 50 times that!”

JACK:”Good grief!”

JOHN VOGEL: “Things are gonna be different. I hope you understand.”