All it took was pulling some power cables out of my backpack all tangled up to give me the idea for this strip.  “How the hell does this happen?”


This weekend I created some Instagram-friendly videos of some of the erlier comic strips. The problem was that reading the strips on Instagram was difficult because they display so small.  I got the idea from Josh Tsui ( @JoshYTsui ) . At first I was only going to show each panel one at a time so people could read, but as things usually go, I get more excited and things get more complicated.  Now they have camera movement, music, sound effects, and dialogue.   They are like little 15 second eposides of a TV show caled “Skitter”.  You can view them on the VIDEOS page.   I’ll be promoting them on social media over the coming week.

Thanks for visiting!

– John

↓ Transcript

JACK: 'I don't need these two power cables right now... so I'll just store 'em in this box."

CABLE 1: "Baby, I just wanna wrap myself around you."

CABLE 2: "UuHhNn"

CABLE 1: "I'm feelin kinky."

CABLE 2: "Oooh! Tie me up!

CABLE 1: "You like?"

CABLE 2: "Oooh, momma like..."

JACK: "So THAT'S how that happens..."