Like I’ve stated before, I was pretty mean to bugs when I was a kid. To all you insect ghosts floating around me… Haunting me for the evil I did to you… Let me just say that I am truly sorry.

Except you mosquitoes. You can all go to hell.

As an adult, I try to give insects the same respect I would give a mouse. I’ll capture bugs in my house and release them outside. Ok I still swat flies, but those guys are a-holes like mosquitoes.

When my nephew was little, during a family Easter brunch at a restaurant, we were outside looking at some ants. He wanted to stomp the ants and I stopped him saying that “Those are the good guys! They clean things up!”  He looked at me like I was a Martian or something. He really didn’t get why I would think of bugs – any bugs – as being “good”.

I don’t know what his feelings on bugs are now that he’s older. Maybe he can comment below and tell you all if he’s gotten over his fear/loathing of our exoskeletal friends.  I wonder if he’s sorry for stomping any bugs. I’m gonna guess “no”…




This awesome “Skitter – Mortal Kombat” mash up was created by @MrBlakRidinHood


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↓ Transcript

LUNA: "HA! I smashed you on the ground, you bad spider! I bet you're sorry now! Sorry you scared me so many times! Sorry you put webs in my hair! Sorry you... oh no... you're hurt... I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!