So, yeah, spiders molt their… skin?… exoskeleton? I’ve been wanting to do this strip for a long time.  I thought it was pretty original until I saw an episode of Teen Titans where a similar gag played out. Dammit.

So it looks like I put two butthole jokes … butt-up next to each other.  That wasn’t intentional.  As I rearranged the dates for when the strips will be posted, this was just how things ended up.

Oh well!


↓ Transcript

CHIP: "Oh no! JACK! He's dead... and it's MY FAULT!... I scrubbed my anus with his toothbrush... A stupid prank... But it... killed him..."

JACK: "Hey, jerkface, that's not me... I molted last night. Now what's this about my tothbrush?"