I’ve started uploading videos and sketches for you all into to the Skitter Patreon account.  I expect to keep loading it up over time to give you guys their money’s worth should you subscribe.  Lots of content!

If you pledge $2 or more, you can see the pencil drawings of the strips already published.  Pledge $5 and you can see time lapse videos of the strips being created.  I’ve put up quite a few already.  I’ll be posting lots more over time.  I record pretty much everything I draw.

Yesterday I subscribed to a web service called “Fizzle”.  It teaches you how to run a blog… which Skitter is.  It’s pretty fun so far!  It shoud help me make Skitter a better comic strip and web site.

Enjoy this week’s comic!

– John

↓ Transcript

JACK: "I have a dilemma. I may have gotten someone... P-R-E-G-N-A-N-T... I hope she's not. What kind of offspring would we create? The whole situation si just plain unnatural... I'm a spider, she's a moth... I'm predator, she's prey...I'm conservative, she's liberal... I'm smart, she's... did I mention she's a liberal?"

GYPSY: "You realize I can hear you, right? It's a plus sign, genius. You know what that means..."

JACK: "WHEW! What a relief! You're positively not pregnant!"