On Twitter, I’ve discovered the polling feature. I plan to use it a lot to get info from you, webcomic enthusiasts, and to just have some fun.

The Skitter Patreon account is revving up.  There are a ton of sketches and time lapse videos there and more are being added every day.  I’m pretty proud of how it’s shaping up and I hope some of you will join me there to see what I’ve got for you.

For now… Thanks for visiting my little webcomc!

– John

↓ Transcript

GYPSY: "If we're gona be a couple, I should move in with you."
JACK: "Uh... That's a bad idea."
GYPSY: "No... It's a good idea!"
JACK: "No... It's a bad idea!"
JACK: "BAD IDEA!... Alright, you win... I'm going to the fridge. You want anything?..."