TODAY’S COMIC: “Running Mate”

I wonder who Jack would pick as his running mate. Would it be another predator like himself?  Or a bug he could eat? I’m guessing the latter.



I was working feverishly this weekend to complete a whole comic in one day: Saturday.  I was at the very end when my tablet crashed and the file was corrupted. Luckily I draw the individual elements in a separate file and copy/paste them into the strip.  I was able to piece the whole thing together again in about an hour.  WHEW!



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Game of thrones

So I was thinking about other topics I could post on this blog that could entertain you all. But what, besides cartooning, could I discuss that I really have an opinion on?

Sunday was the “Game of Thrones” season finale and I couldn’t wait to see it.  I’ve made so many predictions.  A lot have come true.  Some have not. But as the show moves into its final two seasons, I’d like to share with you some of my insights.

Sunday’s episode was pretty cool. Though Cersei Lannister is a bitch, I liked her new look and bad-assed attack on the religious freaks who had taken over King’s Landing. I was pretty sad to see Margaery Tyrell get killed though.  I liked her… useless as she was.

I love that Winterfell is in Jon Snow’s hands.  I thought it was funny that a little bad-assed girl shamed all those grown men into following him.  I think Littlefinger is pissed that Jon is in charge instead of Sansa.  I think he wanted her to rule so he could rule with her. He might be planning to screw things up for them.

Hooray for Arya Stark! She’s all grown up and assassinatin’ suckahs!

Also awesome is that Daenerys is FINALLY going to make it to Westeros!


My predictions:

  1. There will be 3 dragon riders to take on the White Walkers. One from each house.  Daenerys for obviois reasons, Tyrion because he’s said he always wanted a dragon and he’s already started gaining their trust, and Brandon Stark because he will one day “fly” and because he can control beasts.
  2. Brandon is actually the old man (3-eyed crow).  I predict he will do his vision thing in the past and stay too long. He’ll end up stuck there… possessing the old man’s body as a child.
  3. Using his “vision”, Brandon may have started a lot of the events that caused all the turmoil.  Possibly he made the mad king go mad.
  4. Jamie is going to kill Cersei.  He killed the mad king to prevent what Cersei ultimately did: “Burn them all”.  He’s on a path to redemption.  I think that path leads to killing her. He will also die in the process. In the book he says they will die together, just as they were born together.
  5. The wall will be useless.  In the book it’s mentioned that there is a cave complex that goes under the wall.  Samwell used it to smuggle Gilly and her baby south.  The cave Jon and Ygritte had sex in was part of that complex.  I predict the walkers will use the caves and just start springing up all over Westeros.
  6. In the end, no one will rule them all.  They will all have to band together to fight the White Walkers and when the dust settles, there will be 7 independent and united kingdoms.  Here’s the thing… Dany is against slavery.  So to force Winterfell to submit to her rule would be like a form of slavery. I just don’t think the end game is to see which one person rules everything.  I think the point is to learn to get along.
  7. Season 7 will be about the big human vs human confrontation.  Season 8 will focus on the human vs undead final battle.
  8. All the major players for the final battle are equipping with Valeryan steel blades.  Jon, Arya, Brienne, Sam, and Geoffrey’s blade is still put there somewhere; It could go to Tyrion.  I think even Littlefinger still has his dagger.  And Daenerys has her fire breathing dragons.  This will form a sort-of X-Men team to fight the undead.

That’s all for now.  Lemme know what you think by commenting! I’m curious to see yout thoughts on “GoT”!

– John