TODAY’S COMIC: “Keep It Real”

I keep it real when I tweet.  I wish I could exaggerate more to make things more interesting, but I’m a terrible liar.



Skitter will soon be one year old!  If memory serves, July 1st 2015 was the day I announced to the world that Skitter existed.  Although I had been working on it for a year before then, and had been publishing strips to the web site (practicing keeping a schedule), I consider July 1st to be the official starting date since that’s the day people could actually read it.  The next comic celebrates the occasion.

There will be punch and pie…

(UPDATE:  I’m full of shit.  I looked it up on my Facebook account.  It was June 29th.  HAPPY SKITTER DAY!… late!)



To help celebrate Skitter’s 1st birthday, the Skitter Apple and Android mobile apps will be completely free!…

Oh wait… they’ve always been free…

So go download them now, skitterbugs!
– JohnAndroid-app-on-Google-play-logo_200AppleAppStoreIcon_2