An Australian friend of mine visited the US recently and I asked him what  significant differences he’s noticed between there and here.  One thing that shocked him was drug commercials on TV and their scary list of side effects.  Apparently they don’t have those Down Under.

Here in America just about every other commercial is for a drug.

What I find interesting is how, during the part where the narrator lists all the negative things that can happen to you (they have to by law, I guess), the visuals are always the happiest.  “You may experience suicidal thoughts” as a grandfather happily pushes his grandson on a swing set.  That’s some “tricksy” marketing there.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this comic strip (side effects include popping blood vessels from extreme laughter, peed pants, farts and sometimes “sharts”.  Consult your physician before reading “Skitter”)

– John

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