TODAY’S COMIC: “Completely Safe”


“Completely Safe” is my way of making amends for the last two strips… although the last two were actually fairly well received. Last strip I kinda sub-consciously put Jack in the scene as a sort-of protector for Luna (again… even though nothing bad was happening to her).  This time I put myself in the scene to absolutely – positively – make myself feel better about the whole situation. The author is telling you, straight up, not to be concerned.

This little story line really had me weirding out. And I didn’t know where to take it.  I was writing by the seat of my pants and I wasn’t wearing pants. I guess this is just one big learning experience for me.


This weekend I plopped 4 new comics in the new May DropBox folder for my Patreon patrons to see.  These won’t be posted to the world for something like another month. If you’d like to see them too, sign up today!  It only costs $1 a month.

I also put up the pencils for those same comics.  Patrons can see those, and more every month, for only $2 a month.

I’ll be upgrading my computer soon with more RAM and an SSD so I can whip out more WIP videos for you $5 patrons as well.  I put a couple up in April, but I can give you a lot more if I can get my computer to crank a bit faster.


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JOHN VOGEL: “Hey, howzit goin? I’m John Vogel – creator of “Skitter” – and I’d like to take a moment to clear something up… The previous two strips depict a small girl, Luna, being lured into a port-o-potty by a strange man… My intention was to do a parody of Dr. Who… But halfway through I realized how creepy it was… So, I would first like to say… Kids, don’t talk to strangers.  It’s dangerous.  Secondly, I would like to reassure my readers that Luna is in no peril and is completely safe.”

DR. POO: “The T.U.R.D.I.S. is out of control!!”

LUNA: “I wanna go home!!”

JACK: “I think I’m gonna…”