TODAY’S COMIC: “Scary Spider”

Yes the drawing of the “scary spider” is missing a couple limbs.  Maybe that’s what makes him so scary.

My 1.5-year-old likes to “draw draw”.  She started on my Wacom Cintiq. Then we got her some paper and crayons.  For Christmas she got an easel with a marker board and chalk board.  Sometimes I draw a simple bug for her… which she excitedly identifies as a “BUGGAH!”  I guess that’s the inspiration for this strip.

Thursday’s strip “Night Terrors” went bonkers in the Funny subreddit on Reddit with over 680 upvotes. It did really well in Comics as well with about 50.  For some reason it got ZERO upvotes in Webcomics.       *shrug*

Twitter and Facebook saw a huge influx of followers as a result of the popularity of “Night Terrors”.  Twitter followers have reached 735, and Facebook followers have reached 358 as of writing this email.  The Facebook number is more than double last week’s total.

Just wanna say to any of you who helped spread the word and brought in new readers… thank you so very much!

– John


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↓ Transcript

LUNA: "For show-and-tell, I brought a picture I drew. It's the spider that keeps scaring me."
JACK: "Next you should draw that time I skittered across your face! Or howbout when I webbed up your bedroom Indiana Jones style..."