TODAY’S COMIC: “Night Terrors”

I almost didn’t draw “Night Terrors”.  Not because I didn’t like it, but because I forgot I had written it. Luckily I checked my notes because I think this is one of my better gags.  What do YOU think?  Comment below!

It almost seems like I should have given this title to the previous comic strip since it’s set at nigh and Luna is in her bed… terrified of a giant spider. Oh well.

I had a waking nightmare once about aliens when I was a kid (no it wasn’t real. It was a nightmare).  That’s about as close to a nighttime terror as I’ve ever come.

– John

↓ Transcript

LUNA: "But, Daddy, It's true! There really was a big scary spider in my room last night!"
DADDY: "mmHMM..."

LUNA: "Aw, you NEVER believe me! NEVER!"

SPIDER WEBS: "I believe you"