Able to leap colorful Legos in a single bound!…

To me, this comic is interesting.  Not only is there something major happening ( Luna is with the bugs at their scale ), but this strip is comprised of 4 previous comic strips:

“Humans Hate Roaches”

“Girl Legos”

“The Blues”

“Drink Me” 

This is really a turning point for “Skitter”.  It’s like things have officially crossed into “anything is possible” territory. I dunno about you, but I love that Jack and Luna can be the same size now.

It’ll be interresting to see where this goes!

In other news…

Comic creator Bret Juliano, who writes/draws the comic strip “Dust Bunny Mafia” also attended the Schaumburg comic con a couple weeks ago and took some time to draw this pic of Jack the spider!

Looks great! Thanks, Bret!

Bret Juliano_Jack

Check out Bret’s awesome comic strip here…

Dust Bunny Mafia


See you next week!

John Vogel white

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