I’m a big Scott Adams fan.  I like his comic strip Dilbert, but I love his Periscope vlog.

In one of his vlogs, a viewer challenged his support for Donald Trump.  Scott’s response cracked me up.

The fact that the interaction fit into a classic Dilbert 3-panel comic strip made me want to draw it.

I added his name to the credits because they were basically his words, not because we collaborated.  We’ve never met and, for all I know, he’d probably sick lawyers on me to take this down if he even knew about it.

John Vogel


Check out this ‘Skitter’ comic strip featuring me drawing a cartoon!…

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↓ Transcript
Scott, you'd defend Trump even if he murdered one of your family members!
Alright, I need to address this... That's going too far...
Cuz I really need to know which family member you're talkin' about...