“Spanking” is based on an actual conversation.

One morning while getting Luna dressed for school, I patted her on the butt once I got her pants on.  Kate said, “You can’t spank her! She’s too cute and little.”

For the record, she was joking around.

I responded, “Yeah, like that would hold up in court.”


Spanks are an important part of our household.  So much so that I sing spanking carols to Luna… Just because.

Some of my favorites are “Sometimes Luna Gets Spanks”, “We Will, We Will, Spank You”, and my personal favorite, “Everybody Was Kung Fu Spankin'”.

You can download these classics on iTunes.


John Vogel

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↓ Transcript
You are so getting a spanking for that!
Wait! You can't spank me!
Why not?!
Cuz I'm too cute and little!
Yeah, right. Tell that to the judge.
Case dismissed!