Hey, guys!
I just whipped this up today. I got the idea while driving to work and wanted to do it while the anger toward Game Of Thrones was still fresh.

I can’t say I’m totally ‘angry’ at the last season. There were a lot of really cool things about season 8. But there was a lot wrong too. I guess what makes me feel better is that my theories were so much better than what they wrote. So were everyone else’s theories. Yes, we could have written a better conclusion because we payed attention to everything they set up. We, the fans, are pretty effing smart.

They, however, completely abandoned everything they had built. Everything that made us love the show was completely disregarded and they act like we’re jerks for not liking it.

No… You guys messed up. You wanted to get it over with, so you rushed through the ending.


John Vogel