TODAY’S COMIC: “Along Came A Spider 2”

This is the second strip in which I drew Jack.  The first being “Along Came A Spider“.  These two strips I tried to salvage from the original incarnation of Skitter.

What I am most proud of in this strip are the bug ‘skeletons’. I don’t know why… It just cracks me up.

The video below was meant for Instagram. All the music and dialogue are my voice. Check it out!  Let me know what you think!




NARRATION: “When Chip Met Jack… Part 2…”

CHIP : “Please don’t eat me!”

JACK: “Give me one good reason I shouldn’t!”

CHIP : “I… I’ll be your best friend…”


CHIP : “Wait… that worked?”

JACK: “Sure! No bug has ever been friendly to me before. Besides… I’m not hungry. Business has been good.”