It was quite a challenge squeezing these Star Wars quotes into one coherent conversation.  Originally I wanted to use much more, but I had to pare back.



Last week I discovered the smartphone app “Periscope”.  I plan on using it to stream myself drawing “Skitter”, so if you wanna watch, get the app and follow “Skittercomic” (that’s me, of course).  Also follow the Skitter Twitter account ( @SkitterComic ) to get announcements when I go live.


See you Thursday for an all-new Skitter comic strip!

– John

↓ Transcript
SKITTER WARS (Martin discusses attack plans, Star Wars style )

MARTIN: "The SKITTER is what gives the cockroach his power!"

BILL: "I have a very bad feeling about this."

MARTIN: "And with this sword, i'll be able to take on more spiders than you can imagine!"

BILL: " I dunno. I can imagine quite a bit."

MARTIN: "I'm goin in, and I'm goin in FULL SKITTER!"

BILL: "Better you than me..."

MARTIN: "I find your lack of Skitter... Disturbing."

BILL: "May the Skitter be with you..."

MARTIN: "Better"