TODAY’S COMIC: “Big As The Wall”

Ever have one of those nightmares where there’s a spider… big as the wall… wearing a scarf… who rifles through your underpants drawer… complains that there aren’t any girl scout cookies… then transforms into Obama… and leaves by hoping in a tardis?  Me neither.

I had fun drawing this.  I was still kinda trying to figure out what Luna looked like and got the idea that her ponytails could express a lot of emotion. I do that a bit with the bugs’ antennae. In the second panel I curled up her ponytails to help express she was afraid.

I think this could be a cool characteristic of Luna’s.  What do you think?

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UPDATE 2816-2-28:  So last night I was playing with my daughter, Luna, in her bedroom when we saw… you guessed it… a spider. Not the first “buggah” she’s seen.  The first was a cricket. But she was cautiously excited about this one.

Unlike the dad in the comic, I didn’t ignore the spider and instead caught it; tossing it into the garage where it will hopefully find a home on a tennis racquet.


↓ Transcript

LUNA: "But Daddy, It was as big as the wall!"
DADDY: "Luna, spiders don't get that big. You had a bad dream. Go to sleep!"

JACK: "HA! I love this kid!"
CHIP: "You are SO going to hell..."