If you didn’t see a parallel between CHAZ and “Escape From New York”, then you…
… are probably very young and have never seen it.
After creating this strip, me and Kate watched “EFNY’ again.  It’s pretty stupid, but entertaining. 
Interestingly, their “computer graphics” were impressive.  They actually built a model of New York buildings with painted-on lines, apparently using black light paint, so the buildings looked like wire-frame graphics.  
Another intersesting thing I noticed was that its the same story as “Rambo”… Seriously!  
– A criminal is asked to go into a danger zone to retrieve something.
– He’s offered freedom or reduced sentence if he succeeds.
– He’s equipped with high tech gear
– He’s air-dropped in
– He meets and teams up with some allies
– He gets captured
– He gets free.
– He resues someone from the danger zone and escapes.
I think “Rambo 2” used “EFNY” as it’s template.
John Vogel