Go to any store that sells toys and you will… without doubt… Find at least 20 different poop toys.

Apparently poop is cute now.  It’s even rainbow colored. You can take a turd plushy to bed with you… to scare away the monsters, I guess.
But I’m here to tell you – kiddies – that poop is in fact NOT fun. 
One morning, as I dropped Luna off at school, I stepped in a big pile of dog poop. 
It was not fun.  It was not cute. It was horrible.
I think the reason kids today think piles of poop are cute and fun is because they aren’t getting outside enough.  They aren’t stepping in poop like I have all my life. 
To ( sort of ) quote Pink Floyd… “HEY! … CHILDREN! … LEAVE POOP TOYS ALONE!!”
Then again, I could probably propel Skitter into the spotlight by creating a poop character.
I’ll get back to you on this.  Stay tuned…
John Vogel