“Surprise Me”

“Surprise Me” is another idea I’ve had for a long time and finally got around to drawing.  It was from the original incarnation of Skitter, which was more of a long-form story comic.  I thought it was an interesting idea that mosquitoes took on the attributes of the people whose blood they drank.


And now for something completely different…


IT’S ELECTION DAY!  Holy crap, this thing will finally be over.  I assume you all voted for the correct candidate.  If you didn’t, I’ll have to unfriend you on Facebook.


And now for something ENTIRELY different…



Yeah this movie came out a while ago, but being a parent means I don’t get out much anymore.  We have to stream movies now and finally saw “X-Men: Age of Apocalypse”.

THE GOOD – For me, it was like seeing all my 80’s and early 90’s X-men comics come to life.  I liked Psi-Lock.  Olivia Munn looked the part. I loved Quick Silver.  His big scene was the best part of the movie.  It had super powers, intensity, danger, humor, and even the “ticking time bomb” all wrapped into one scene.  If only the rest of the movie had been like that.

THE BAD – IF ONLY THE REST OF THE MOVIE HAD BEEN LIKE THAT. It felt to me like this was supposed to be a TV series, not a movie.  In the series, things could develop over time and you could really get into what made each character tick.  Instead, it felt like a severely-condensed summary of what the TV series would have been.

And then there was Apocalypse himself.  He looked stupid. And he wasn’t very intimitating for a great majority of the movie. Just take the opening scene, for example. The way he was thwarted was just dumb.  I won’t explain what it was… but let’s just say “Pyramids are not fragile”.

I liked the Apocalypse from the comics.  From what I remember, he liked mutants and was always challenging them to force natrual selection.  The strongest would survive.  I kinda remember him even being proud of them when they defeated him.  But what made him cool was that he was undefeatable.  The X-Men would think they nailed him only to discover it was merely a doppleganger they killed.  The real Apocalypse was still out there somewhere.  The Apocalypse from this movie was just a typical evil bad guy bent on ruling the world.  At least you understand Magneto.  He’s got a good reason to be bad.  The movie Apocalypse is just a shallow jerk.

Overall I personally enjoyed it, but mostly to see more X-man-ness. It wasn’t a great movie.

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