“You Lose”


Ok that had nothing to do with this comic strip… but it was worth mentioning.

Now, about losing…

How do you react when you lose at a game.  When I feel cheated… like if lag interfered, or I felt that I had moved out of the way of the fireball in time…. I can become pretty agitated.  Some video games have terrible controls.

I remember when my youngest brother was a kid and playing Nintendo, we would hear him scream at the top of his lungs, “IT CHEATED!!!”  over and over and over. It was hilarious.  I think he was playing Contra or Mario Brothers.

I’ve gotten that bad with online fighting games. The lag can be a serious issue.  I would scream, “I DIDN’T DO THAT!”  … because I actually hadn’t.  The prediction code done me wrong,  predicting what I would do instead of reflecting what I WAS doing.  The more lag, the worse the prediction, the bigger the rage monster.

Sorry… I don’t want to think about it.  Video game PTSD…

John Vogel white


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