Everyone could use a good laugh,
Wouldn’t you agree?


Life can get pretty crazy:  Work sucks, relationships are rough, bills stress you out. You just need a little distraction from the chaos every once in a while.

Good thing comic strips are there for you…


Hi! I’m John Vogel. I write and draw the comic strip “Skitter“!

Not familiar with Skitter?

Skitter is a free humorous comic strip about the adventures of a group of mischievous bugs and a girl named Luna.

Here… Let me show you a few more strips right now…

Feel a little better?

That’s the power of comic strips!  They’re good for ya!  You get a little jolt of fun, which can offset a bad day or make a good day even better.

But there’s a bigger world to comic strips than just the punch line. If all you’re doing is reading the strips, you’re missing out on something…

Their Creation  
Decades ago you would hit the comics section of your local newspaper, get a few laughs, and move on.  You’d never get to know the creator or see how he or she created your favorite strip. If you wanted to watch Bill Watterson draw “Calvin And Hobbes”, you couldn’t!

That’s all changed.  Now you can LEVEL UP your love of comic strips.

Would you like me to show you how?

These are my pencils from one of the above comics…

Pretty interesting, huh? That’s just the start!  There’s more to creating Skitter comics than pencil art. There is inking… coloring… shading…

Wanna see?

Check this out…

The whole process is pretty involved. I treat every Skitter comic as a masterpiece.  Each one is a labor of love.

Would you like to WATCH me draw one?

Cool! Grab some popcorn…

Mesmerizing, isn’t it?  That’s just a SIMPLE one.  Some of them get really involved.

Would you like to see more?
You can!

Patreon is like ‘Club Skitter’.  Members not only have access to Skitter comics way before the rest of the world, but they regularly see their creation!

And, sure, watching the creation process is awesome enough as it is! But what good is a backstage pass if you don’t get to meet the artist, right? On Patreon, you can interact directly with me and discuss whatever you like!
Have a question? ASK AWAY!
Have a comment?  WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND?
Just wanna say, “Hi!”?   HELLO TO YOU, TOO!
I love interacting with Skitter fans!

And there’s a whole community of people out there who love comics and love Skitter…

But only those Skitter fans who join me on Patreon get the full Skitter comic strip experience. And you can too!

By becoming a Skitter supporter on Patreon, and depending on your level of participation, each month you can get…

  • New comics way before everyone else
  • Exclusive comics that the public can’t see
  • My personal movie or TV reviews 
  • Avatars taken right from Skitter comics for use on social media
  • Your name on comics (I thank a Patreon supporter on each one)
  • High resolution copies of your favorite Skitter strips to print at home
  • Yourself featured in a comic strip (one-time thing)
  • A personalized cartoon head shot of yourself (twice-a-year thing)
  • Interaction with me!  ( Really, the best reward, if I do ay so myself… )

There’s always something happening on Patreon.  It’s a pretty sweet deal. Not only will being a Skitter patron brighten your day with new comic strips twice weekly, but you can see how those strips were created and, best of all, talk with the creator!


So, what do you say? Wanna give Skitter a try?


Join the many other Skitter fans who already know what you’re about to discover: That there’s a whole lot more to enjoy about Skitter comics strips.  Take your love of comics to the next level and create your Skitter Patreon account now!  You’ll feel a whole lot better.


– John

One more thing…

You can always read the latest Skitter comics for free right here on Patreon, on the official web site, or on iPhone or Android mobile devices: