TODAY’S COMIC: “Adventure Awaits”

As I was drawing”Adventure Awaits”, it dawned on me that, not only did I have no idea where this story line was headed, but it was also getting kinda creepy.  Sorry ’bout that.

You might say, “Well, if you don’t like it, why do it?”

Then I would say, “Time.”

I ran out of time and had to make the best of a bad idea.

Normally I promote the hell out of each strip on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. Today I’m only posting it once to social media and I’m not even bothering with Reddit.


Speaking of Reddit, I was sure that Tuesday’s strip “Potty” wouldn’t be very well received either. It’s an obscure joke and is creepy as well.  I was considering not posting it to Reddit. But, last minute, I posted it to my usual sub-reddits anyway: r/comics and r/webcomics.  Both received zero upvotes. On a whim, I had also posted it to r/DoctorWhumour.  There it got over 150 upvotes by the end of the day! It even got 24 in r/funny.  And even weirder still, It got almost 60 upvotes on Imgur.  I guess you never know who’s gonna like which comic.


“I’m gearing up to do another podcast.  I’d like to include a Q&A segment, so If you’d like to ask me or Jack a question, please email

See you next week!




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JACK: “So let me get this straight… a strange old man lures a naive little girl into a port-o-potty under the guise that it’s really a time and space machine… What are we waiting for!  Let’s dot this!”

DR. POO: “Adventure awaits!”