TODAY’S COMIC: “Ambush!”


And thus concludes the mini story (if you wanna call it that) you’ve been reading.  Yeah it’s not much, but whatevs.

I played around with Periscope this past week while I was on vacation in Florida.  I’m starting to get comfortable with it.  I’m sure the iPhone tripod I ordered will arrive this week, so I might try using it this weekend to show my drawing process live.

Somehow I caught a cold in Florida.  It built up over the flight home.  I’m miserable.  My apologies for tweeting or messaging anything incoherent.

In other news… Mark Hamill tweeted a Star-Wars-themed Skitter comic this weekend!  Needless to say, I was pretty happy.

See you Thursday!



↓ Transcript

MARTIN: "There he is... Jack the spider... so smug... not a concern in the world... no guilt whatsoever that he almost ATE MY CHILDREN!!! SO WHAT if he LET THEM GO? He CAN'T be TRUSTED!! He's a SPIDER!! THIS ENDS NOW!!!"

JACK: "KiYAH!... Martin! Jeez! Sorry 'bout that, buddy! You startled me! triggered my spider reflexes! Hey! I found a cocktail sword! Awesome!"