TODAY’S COMIC: “Honest Mistake”


Yeah… it was an “honest mistake”!

I don’t know if you guys are gonna be entertained by some semi-political comics, or if you’ll be turned off because you’re tired of this presidential election that hasn’t even gotten started.  Me?  I think it’s a fun chance to do political parody.

Let’s see how many people I can offend.



I started putting together a new Patreon promo video this week.  I thought it was gonna be a quick thing, but I’ve let “feature creep” get ahold of it.  Hopefully It won’t take too long to finish!


See you next week!



GYPSY: “Jack! How coukd you run for office against me?!”

JACK: “Oh my g-  That was you?!  UUUGHH! I thought it was some OTHER bug named ‘Gypsy!'”

GYPSY: “Really?…”

CHIP: “Hey, Jack.  The campaign signs you ordered just arrived!”

GYPSY: “Oh, it’s on…”