TODAY’S COMIC: “That’s No Planet”

Man, it was a race with the devil to squeak this one out in time.  Normally I have a buffer of about 5 weeks worth of strips, but I wanted “That’s No Planet” to come out in time to still be somewhat relevant. Personally I believe if a heavenly body is round, it’s a planet. So Pluto to me is still legit.

Sure, this comic may be 9 years late, but with all the new pics of Pluto, I figured there’s a new window of opportunity.  8D

Check out the video below to see how much love I gave the inside of the cockpit.  Most of that detail is obscured by characters and word balloons in the final strip.



↓ Transcript
CHIP: "Just set her down on that planet over there."

MARTIN : "That's no planet... it's a dog"