“Breast Cancer”

From what I understand, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month again.

I’m not against finding a cure.   I like boobs a lot.  What bothers me is all the freakin’ pink ribbons on everything.   It’s all fake.  There is no way the pink ribbons printed on my sandwich wraper are doing anyone any good.  They had to pay someone to design and print those wrappers.  Maybe that money would have been better spent on… I dunno… actual research?

The inspiration for this strip came from a real event.  I was at a local grocery store and in the bakery section… I kid you not… there were breast cancer pastries and balloons.


Why don’t we celebrate testicular cancer?  Or COLON cancer?  Oh, I’d love to see what color colon cancer balloons would be.

John Vogel white

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