Man-Spider… LOL!… I was sitting alone at lunch,  just trying to come up with a new idea, when this abomination hit me.  Completely random.  Kinda rude.  Made me laugh the whole time I was drawing it.

This freakin’ human costume is so ridiculous!  Why the pixelated weiner?  Because it made it even more ridiculous!

I’m hoping I can come up with more comics based on this idea.


This weekend I did a lot of work for you Patreon supporters!  I uploaded 2 new comics (“Halloween Costume” and “You Lose”), a bunch of pencils, and a bunch more avatars.  And I’m still not done!  I do have one problem… my video capture program hasn’t been capturing, so the last 6 or so strips won’t be available as time-lapse videos.  I’ll get this corrected soon.

Thanks for reading!

John Vogel white


( This comic’s Patreon “Thank You” goes to Mike Mc! )

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skitter-avatars_man-spider_gypsy1_50 skitter-avatars_man-spider_gypsy2_50 skitter-avatars_man-spider_jack1_50 skitter-avatars_man-spider_man-spider1_50 skitter-avatars_man-spider_man-spider2_50 skitter-avatars_man-spider_man-spider3_50 skitter-avatars_man-spider_man-spider4_50 skitter-avatars_man-spider_man-spider5_50