“I’m With You”

I wasn’t going to post this because I got a better Hillary Clinton cell phone concept from Kate and went with that instead ( Hammer Time ).  I didn’t want to have 2 Clinton-smashing-cell-phones comics so close together and was going to make “I’m With You” a Patreon exclusive.  But as I’m writing this post, I’ve decided to make it public anyway.  What the hell?

Yes, Trump is a sleazebag and acts like a teenager.  He wouldn’t make a good president.  But people seem to ignore that Hillary Clinton is freakin’ corrupt. She just got away with some serious shiznit regardin her email and cel phones.  She’s not appropriate for President either.  Since the (deserved) negative attention is already mostly on Trump, I’m aimin’ for Clinton.

Don’t worry.  This is my last Clinton comic strip…. for now… MUHAHAHAHAAAAA…


John Vogel white

(This comic’s Patreon “thank you” message goes to Matt K!)